Did You Miss Me?

No, it wasn’t you or your computer. I didn’t post last Thursday … I was sicker ‘n a dog!  (I wonder how that saying came into usage?)

Despite my best efforts, the stress I’ve been under caught up with my normally-fairly-healthy immune system. And it hit hard and fast. I felt fine on Saturday: got lots of work done in the yard. We went to dinner Saturday night and by the time we got home from the restaurant, I felt terrible: sore throat, inflamed lymph nodes and fever that only seemed to get worse with time. It hurt to talk and my voice nearly disappeared. I had strep throat a few decades ago and this is exactly what it felt like. Went to bed Saturday night and didn’t get “up” until Thursday when I hauled myself to the doctor to get a throat culture. Thankfully there was no bacterial infection so no course of antibiotics for me. Just something viral going around that decided to settle in my throat rather than my sinuses.

My normal treatment for a cold, the flu, anything respiratory is bed rest, lots of fluids, and a nice dose of Elderberry Rob (see here for the recipe) but I ran out of the Rob and was in no condition to make any more. So I sent my husband into my stash of herbs to find the elderberries and simply made an infusion of the berries and added a stick of cinnamon to each cup. The cinnamon is antimicrobial itself and ‘sides, it just tasted good.

Three cups a day for a week is working. Although the virus isn’t completely gone, I feel nearly myself again. At least well enough to get back in the kitchen and make some more Elderberry Rob!