Missing: Common Sense. Report if Found.

In looking at a holiday calendar to get an idea of what to write today, I noticed a couple of things: for one, November is “National Diabetic Eye Disease Month”. Today is also “Common Sense Day”. Wow. Can I put ’em together or what?

I’ve said it before and you’ve more than likely read it in a thousand other blogs, news articles, etc., but Type II Diabetes (once called adult-onset diabetes) is on the rise … especially in the Western world. Obesity is also on the rise, both in adults and children. Why? Our lousy diet and laziness are the main culprits. Obesity is a contributing factor to Type II diabetes. The eye disease they’re talking about is just one of the myriad complications from diabetes.

When I’m doing fairs/shows/expos – whatever you want to call ’em – people ask me what they can take to bring down their high blood pressure, lower their blood sugar, help their gastric reflux, etc. They’re looking for a magic pill to make it all better and get really PO’d when I tell them losing 20-50 pounds (or more) is one of the best “magic pills” there is.  Despite all the evidence to the contrary their weight or eating habits aren’t the problem so they want someone else to fix it. (Some even ask me for a magic spell! Mundane methods first, people.)

I’ll admit – I hate to cook and rely on frozen meals most of the time. And honestly, it’s cheaper than buying all the ingredients for a home-cooked meal for just two people. Really healthy? No. But I read ingredients on what I buy to try to ameliorate the problem somewhat. I don’t buy all “meat” dinners. I serve fish of one kind or another at least two days per week and we eat veggie at least one other. We also both get off our butts and exercise … not the structured kind like sit-ups or running or what-have-you, but the old-fashioned kind: house and yard work.  Think housework isn’t exercise? C’mon over and mop my floors & stairs or thoroughly vacuum the cat hair from the rugs. I guarantee you’ll work up a sweat. Do that once or twice a week. Add in mowing, raking, etc., outside a couple of times a week and you’ve got yourself a good exercise routine going.

I have two grandkids with another on the way. When they’re old enough to come to visit, they’ll probably be very disappointed in Grandma’s house because there are no video games; television and computer access will be severely limited.  There’s too much to explore outside! And yes, I can cook and do so when people visit. The kids can help. We’ll even bake cookies from scratch. Sugar’s not that bad – in moderation.

I’m really tired of people not using common sense when it comes to their health and then complaining when common-sense approaches are mentioned. Of course, knowing the type of people that would read my blog, I’m probably preaching to the choir.

On a brighter note, today is also “National Men Make Dinner Day”. Somehow I don’t think that one will get celebrated in this house. 😉


  • Samantha Posted November 9, 2010 2:13 pm

    You make the assumption that Grandkid #3 is going to grow up with immediate and/or prolonged access to television, video games, or the computer. (Well, ok, maybe the computer a little bit.) 😉

    • DJ Posted November 9, 2010 5:02 pm

      No true assumption sweetie, but a general observation of what the younger generations are doing versus what happened when I grew up. I know #3 will be introduced to book reading, the outdoors and other physical activities. No worries there! (And for others reading this post, Samantha is the mother of #3!)

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