Taking Witchcraft to Work

I’m lucky…I’m self-employed and my office is in my house so I can decorate and/or do anything I damned well please. The majority of the witches I know, however, aren’t that lucky. They work in a corporate environment and nine times of ten, whether the boss knows about their witchy tendencies or not, have to keep things under wraps in their office or cubicle. What’s a corporate witch to do? There are several things that, on the surface, are totally innocuous but have underlying magical capability:

(This is a cool idea [link removed at the request of the site owner-you’ll have to search yourself])

Plants are a wonderful way to bring magic into your workspace – especially if you have a window. My favorite is Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). It helps with concentration and memory. However, she likes a lot of light so if you’re stuck under nothing but fluorescent, she may not like her environment. Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) will grow – slowly – in an office and is one of the herbs used in spells to attain success. It is also a calming herb – great for office stress. Virtually any Mint (Mentha spp.) will grow in low light conditions and are also great for concentration, cleansing away negativity and in money (paycheck) spells.

Don’t have enough light for even a low-light plant? Try a bowl of potpourri. Unless you have a co-worker allergic to everything, the light scent shouldn’t be enough to bother anyone but you. Find a pleasing bowl, mix up some herbs with success/money/tranquility properties, infuse them with your intent & keep it on your desk. Stir it occasionally to release fragrance and magic.

Crystals are another way to “pretty up” your space with magic and no one the wiser. You’ll just be another person who likes pretty rocks. My husband (who isn’t even the magical sort) has a smoky quartz sitting on top of his computer case. Among other attributes, it removes negativity and fosters group cooperation. You can have one or more scattered around your office, or a small bowl of them, properly charged, and no one will be the wiser.

If you can have candles lit (most can’t), by all means, keep one (that you’ve dressed and charged) going during the day, or light it when it’s really needed.

The same goes for essential oils. If scent isn’t an issue in your workplace, you can purchase an electric warmer (circumventing the need for a lit candle), mix up several vials of oils for different situations and diffuse them. People will comment about how nice things smell with no idea you’re not only diffusing scent but intention.

And my last idea…a paperweight. This can be anything that holds magical meaning for you. Mine happens to be a stone with Djehuty (Thoth) painted on it. You could easily make one with craft resin, embedding, oh, a four-leaf clover or something, and using it to hold stuff down on your desk. Or just as decoration. It’s pretty but more than decoration, right?

So, those are my ideas. What do you do to bring magic to work with you?